Broken Sea: Pasih Uwug

Pasir Uug Beach (Broken Beach) is situated at Nusa Penida Island. While visiting the sea you will definitely find the roads a bit uneven but once you reach the place you will remain awestruck with its beauty. Appreciate the sound of the waves, winds while witnessing the beauty of the region. Continue reading “Broken Sea: Pasih Uwug”

Atuh Beach

Another scenic heaven in Nusa Penida, Bali is the famous Atuh Beach which has been attracting a lot of tourist lately. You will be flabbergasted by the clearness of the turquoise waters, the flawless white sandy shorelines, the towering high bluff dividers, excellent green nature, and best Continue reading “Atuh Beach”

Pura Dalem Ped

Settled on the dry, limestone ground on Nusa Penida Island, Pura Dalem Ped is a baffling sanctuary. Amid the sanctuary’s odalan, the gift of building, travelers come to offer their regards and give their offerings around Continue reading “Pura Dalem Ped”

Kelingking Beach

Arguably the most photogenic spot on your whole Bali trip, Kelingking Beach is one of those perspectives that is difficult to trust that it’s genuine when you see it surprisingly. This whole beach front territory is especially excellent – the white cliff balance drastically with the turquoise blue waters. Continue reading “Kelingking Beach”

Angel’s Billabong

If you are looking for some secret gateway while you are visiting Bali the Angel’s Billabong is the perfect place for you. Offering some of the majestic views and soulful surroundings this place will make you fall in love once again. Continue reading “Angel’s Billabong”

Tembeling Beach

With its gorgeous views and the soothing surrounding, this is another beach which is a must see attraction for you in Nusa Peninda. Tembeling is the last remainder of virgin rainforest left on the island; it is cool, verdant, green and Continue reading “Tembeling Beach”

Banah Cliff

The Banah Cliffs of Nusa Penida rise mightily out of the spinning sea and are the most amazing coastal cliffs in Bali. Many meters high and hung in lavish green vegetation, they are an astounding sight seen by pontoon. Continue reading “Banah Cliff”

Peguyangan Waterfall

Arranged over the South East bluffs of Nusa Penida, this is one climb all enterprise searchers must take. For the Balinese, it’s a journey to a holy sanctuary and for guests, it’s an opportunity to encounter stunning precipices and Continue reading “Peguyangan Waterfall”

Mahana Point Cliff Jump

If you are searching for a cliff jump that has better access then Mahana Point is practically the best place for you. A little bar sits on the point sitting on the surf break and has a 10m and 6m stage to bounce off. Continue reading “Mahana Point Cliff Jump”

Blue Lagoon

Now if you are looking for some exciting cliff jumping in Bali then Blue Lagoon is just the perfect place for you. Make your adventure an exciting one with this stunning place in Bali this time. Continue reading “Blue Lagoon”